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Replacement and Repair for Electrical and Gas Water Heaters

Water heaters, whether tankless or standard, give us access to clean, warm water every day.  While a plumber can easily see to leaky pipes, water heater problems aren’t limited to just plumbing.  Electric and gas water heaters can require repairs and maintenance that has nothing to do with the water itself.  When the water is flowing through your pipes but the heat is gone, it’s time to call Mainstream Electric, Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing.

We offer troubleshooting, repair, installation, and replacement of electric, gas, and tankless water heaters.  In fact, many electric and gas water heaters only last an average of 10 years, less than your heating and cooling system and far less than the amount of time people spend in their home.  If your water heater is over 10 years old and breaks down regularly, it may be time to get it replaced.

Before we recommend replacing your system, we’ll troubleshoot it first by inspecting:

  • Appliance Circuits
  • Heating Elements
  • Gas Connections
  • Gas Pipe Fitting
  • Heating Electrical Components
  • Thermostats
  • Control Signals

Your water heater is more than just a series of pipes with an attached heater.  It uses a series of controls to help regulate temperature and ensure delivery of hot water at your command.  Water heaters come in an array of styles and technologies, all bearing electrical, mechanical, and gas components which are separate from your home’s plumbing.

Our service team is dedicated to 24/7 service!  Day or night, when an electrical or gas system fails anywhere in your home, we’re ready to deliver top-tier customer service and quality repairs.

So the next time you’re stuck with cold water, don’t wait around.  Call your expert repair team at Mainstream Electric, Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing.  We’ll be there fast with service you trust.  Call today at 866-411-9277!