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    Why You Need to Upgrade to a Smart Toilet


  • Why You Need to Upgrade to a Smart Toilet

    November 23, 2017

    Replacing your toilet is usually an afterthought. To most Idaho homeowners, if it gets the job done there’s no reason to change. When the time does come to replace a toilet, often the only considerations are flush power, water usage, and choosing between round and elongated. When replacing one or more toilets in your home, consider upgrading to a smart toilet. Don’t let the name alarm you, it’s not smart enough beat you at chess. Instead, this fancy device brings essential amenities to your bathroom. Although more expensive than a common model, a smart toilet can save water and modernize your home, benefiting you in the long run.

    The expert plumbers at Maintstream Electric Heating, Cooling & Plumbing have put together some good reasons why you should upgrade to a smart toilet.

    Self-Cleaning Functionality

    • We all know the pain and struggle of deep cleaning a toilet. It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it, so why not the smart toilet?
    • A smart toilet cleans itself to spare you grabbing the rubber gloves and scrubber.
    • Different types of cleaning mechanisms are used by a smart toilet; some have a robotic arm that wipes the inside, while others have an ultraviolet light that removes stains and fungus from the bowl.
    • Some smart toilets simply clean themselves with water.
    • Smart toilets can have a bidet for you own cleansing as well.
    • You only need to manually clean smart toilets a few times a year.

    Built-in Warmer and LED Lights

    • Cold toilet seats are unwelcoming and unpleasant to sit on. Smart toilets have a built-in heater to give you a warm seat when it gets cold.
    • The heat can be set to your liking for optimal comfort.
    • Smart toilets also have lighting for modern illumination.
    • LED lights in your smart toilet make a bathroom nightlight that doesn’t strain your eyes or use a lot of energy.
    • Late-night bathrooms breaks are no longer cold or uncomfortable.

    Automatic Flushing

    • A smart toilet gives you a hands-off approach with its automatic flushing.
    • Sensors detect the right time to flush, keeping your hands germ-free.
    • With family members who forget to flush, the smart toilet takes care of business for them.

    Controlled Water Use

    • The smart toilet uses its sensors to prevent overflowing.
    • When clogging is detected, it will stop you from flushing, which keeps water usage low.
    • The sensors also detect the exact amount of water needed for a flush, saving gallons each year.

    Remote Control Personalization

    • An understandable concern about smart toilets is how to configure these settings for your comfort.
    • Smart toilets come with a remote control to personalize it to your liking.
    • Change the temperature, adjust the water levels, and even play music via Bluetooth!
    • With its easy-to-use interface, the remote control is your best friend in the bathroom.

    Consider upgrading to a smart toilet when deciding on a replacement. If you are ready to replace your toilet, then contact the professionals at Mainstream today! Since 1925, we have provided quality and affordable plumbing services to our Post Falls neighbors. Give us a call at 509-927-9277 to schedule an appointment – and flush away all your plumbing problems!


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