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How grounding works for your appliances

Staying Grounded

on March 3, 2016

A common question we get asked is about trying to fit 3-prong plugs into home sockets (or extension cords).  Specifically, “Can I just remove the third prong from the plug?” The short answer is yes, but you can also go sky diving without a parachute (once).  The ground post on a 3-prong plug is a […]

A guide to common electrical receptacle problems

Why Aren’t My Electrical Outlets Working?

on January 8, 2016

When we think of home electricity, we tend to think of light switches, lamps, and climate controls.  While it’s a bit archaic now, your electrical utilities even used to be called a “light bill” (though with some power hungry devices it’s anything but a light bill). Yet your home revolves around electrical outlets more than […]