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Christmas Safety Guide

on December 23, 2016

Sometimes it feels like we’re just sprinting from one holiday season to the next.  With the change in season comes the change in housing décor.  Even if you don’t decorate for the rest of the year, Christmas lights are broken out in the winter by almost everyone.  Unfortunately, string lights and decorating for Christmas are […]

5 Common Electrical Warning Signs

on August 26, 2016

1. Burning Odor or Sparks When you’re running an appliance, especially one that features a high load such as a washing machine or portable heater, you should be on the lookout for strange sights and smells.  If an electrical device gives off a urine-like smell or smells like burnt plastic, you see smoke, or you […]

Why isn't my dimmer switch working?

The Problem with Dimmers

on February 4, 2016

They help save money, reduce energy use, and give customizable light levels for any room in your home, but dimmers seem to be the finickiest and most failure prone control in the home.  How can something that is basically a glorified light switch be so difficult to install or upgrade without problems?  Don’t worry, there’s […]

Simple Home Electrical Repairs

Simple Home Electrical repairs

on January 15, 2016

Unless you designed it yourself (and sometimes, even if you did), there will always be one or two things about your home that can use changes or upgrades over the years.  The electrical system for your home is no different.  The number of electrical repairs, upgrades, and additions required to make your home more like […]