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May Is Electric Safety Month!

on May 5, 2017

Home Electric Safety Month is upon us once again.  Home ownership is worth it, but it isn’t without its drawbacks.  Proper maintenance and care is essential to keep your home in top-working condition.  To do that, it’s important to stay current on what you have and haven’t had done in your home.  Older wiring needs […]

How to Babyproof Your Home

Babyproofing Your Home

on April 29, 2016

In our lives, we own or build two different kinds of households.  One is the building we live in, with its lights, climate controls, and walls that secure us from weather and any potential dangers.  The second is in our families, a household of life.  There are many challenges we face each and every day […]

Stay Safe during Thunder and Lightning Storms

Lightning Storm Safety

on March 10, 2016

No one who understands the frightening power of lightning in a thunderstorm will argue that lightning isn’t dangerous.  Severe weather advisories are given for a reason, and it’s best to follow your local weather stations advice for severe storms (with or without lightning).  But protecting yourself is one thing, protecting your home, which is exposed […]

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Christmas Light Safety Guide

on December 4, 2015

Sometimes it feels like we’re just sprinting from one holiday season to the next.  With the change in season comes the change in housing décor.  Even if you don’t decorate for the rest of the year, Christmas lights are broken out in the winter by almost everyone.  Unfortunately, string lights and decorating for Christmas are […]