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Many Merry Christmas Lights

on December 27, 2015

Merry Christmas everyone!  Today is the day that all those lights, decorations, and hours spent on cooking finally pay off.  The day when everyone can relax and enjoy time off, whether you’re celebrating Christmas or not.  So today, let’s take a look at how it’s possible to save on winter electricity costs with good Christmas […]

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Lights and Electrical Timers

on December 11, 2015

One of the greatest uses for lights arrives every year around Christmas: decorative lights!  But even Christmas lights shouldn’t be lit at all times.  Constantly running your lights can become a huge drain on your utility bill during the already expensive winter months.  At the same time, you should never leave your light display running […]

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Christmas Light Safety Guide

on December 4, 2015

Sometimes it feels like we’re just sprinting from one holiday season to the next.  With the change in season comes the change in housing décor.  Even if you don’t decorate for the rest of the year, Christmas lights are broken out in the winter by almost everyone.  Unfortunately, string lights and decorating for Christmas are […]