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Ceiling Fans, Fall, and Staying Cool

on October 7, 2016

Warm weather seems to be safely behind us.  Most of us have already turned off our air conditioners, possibly for the last time this year.  While temperatures are cool enough outside to stay comfortable and even chilly at some points during the night, indoor temperatures are going to be warmer, especially during the day.  This […]

Wall Controls

on June 24, 2016

Switches, dimmers, sensors, and speed controls are all common to the modern home.  Whether you’re using a simply on and off switch, or a variable control for adjust fan speeds or lighting levels, we’ve filled our homes with tiny interfaces to control the electronics of each home.  Upgrades and home-aging eventually necessitate replacing wall-switches.  But […]

The basics about ceiling fans and home heating and cooling

Ceiling Fans 101: The Basics

on April 15, 2016

We see them on a daily basis: ceiling fans.  Marvelous devices that help to keep us cool during the summer and warm during the winter.  Many people don’t even realize that ceiling fans are able to help you reduce the costs of heating or cooling your home when used properly.  They’re supposed to be easy […]