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    Stay Safe Without Power


  • Stay Safe Without Power

    November 24, 2015

    We’re in the middle of a power outage and Thanksgiving is
    just around the corner.  The high winds
    of last week have damaged many major high-power lines and entire city blocks
    have been left without electricity.
    Unfortunately, this will take utility companies quite a while to fix
    (estimates are currently set at Wednesday afternoon).

    While we aren’t a utility company, we’d like to ensure the
    safety of our friends, neighbors, and all families in the Spokane area.  So here are a few things to keep in mind
    while waiting for power to be restored:

    Stay Warm

    If you have a fireplace, use it.  Be sure to keep the house sealed as much as
    possible and try to stay in the same room as the fireplace.  If you have a zoned gas heating system, you’re
    well off, but any forced-air heating systems still require power to operate the
    fan that circulates the heated air.  If
    you’re home requires electricity to stay heated, check your area for a heated
    shelter or stay with friends and family who have a fireplace.

    Stay warm while sleeping.
    Humans lose a lot of heat while sleeping as our metabolisms slow
    down.  Use layers of blankets and warm
    clothes to preserve heat while sleeping at night.  Of course, during the day, following The
    Red Cross’ winter safety tips
    is never a bad idea.

    Avoid Power Lines

    There are still many powerlines down across the city.  Keep your distance from any downed power
    lines.  Just because a line isn’t
    sparking doesn’t mean it isn’t active.
    It’s better to be safe than sorry, a sentiment held by schools across
    Spokane county which are remaining closed until cleanup efforts are finished.

    Prepare For

    The power should be back on by Wednesday, but that doesn’t
    leave you with much time to properly prepare for Thanksgiving.  Check to make sure what you have prepared
    hasn’t spoiled, and then do what you can to finish cooking for Thanksgiving
    once the power turns back on.  A turkey
    takes a while to defrost (and traditional cooking requires multiple days of
    preparation), but there
    are ways to take a turkey from frozen to delicious in just a couple of hours

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