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    Plumbing Protection Tips for Christmas


  • Plumbing Protection Tips for Christmas

    December 22, 2017

    Did you know that the holiday season is one of the most common times of the year for plumbing problems? This time of year your home is full of people using the bathroom and kitchen – causing an excess strain on your home’s plumbing system. This means an increased risk of clogged drains, garbage disposals, toilets, and over-worked water heaters.

    A plumbing problem during a holiday celebration can quickly ruin the festivities. This Christmas use these tips to prep and protect your plumbing from the holiday chaos.

    • A good rule of thumb for your garbage disposal is FOG. Never put fats, oils, or grease down your kitchen sink or garbage disposal. Once they cool, they solidify and clog drains.
    • Always use a drain screen in your kitchen sink. This will help prevent clogs by catching larger items that might accidentally slip down. Once you see what is left in the strainer, you will realize how much debris you have saved from clogging your kitchen plumbing.
    • Run water down the disposal before, during, and after using the garbage disposal.
    • Clean the plumbing fixtures in your kitchen and bathrooms with vinegar. This will remove any debris and ensure a free flow of water.
    • Put ice down your garbage disposal one or two times a day when it has been used heavily. The ice will help knock off food stuck to the blades that could potentially cause a bad odor in your garbage disposal.
    • Avoid putting large pieces of food and bones down the garbage disposal. If a baby can eat it, then it is probably a safe size for your garbage disposal.
    • Make sure every bathroom has a plunger handy and a trash bin close by. It is also a good idea to place a sign or note asking guests to place baby wipes, facial tissues, or sanitary napkins in the trash bin instead of the toilet.
    • Consider turning the water heater up to increase its capacity. Be sure not to exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent scalding.
    • Wash laundry with cold water as much as possible. This will give your hot water heater a much-needed break and allow more water usage at one time without the worry of running out of hot water.
    • The holidays also mean it is officially Winter in Post Falls. Prevent pipes from freezing by always having at least one faucet dripping throughout the night and insulating your pipes. If you are traveling, keep your thermostat set to a minimum of 55 degrees to prevent your home and pipes from getting too cold.
    • Unclog drains before guests arrive. Drains need regular maintenance to avoid clogs. Monitor water drainage in each sink and bathtub. If water drains slower than normal, try using a drain snake or plunger to relieve the clog. If that doesn’t work, call the trusted professionals at Mainstream for a professional drain cleaning.
    • Make sure every shower has a mesh strainer over the shower drain. If you have guests staying with you then the amount of hair and soap going down the drain greatly increases. This creates the perfect setting for a shower drain clog.
    • Consider draining your hot water heater to remove sediment. Sediment can build-up in the bottom of your hot water heater over time causing it to become inefficient.

    When it comes to plumbing disasters, there is no worse time for them to occur than the holidays. Here at Mainstream Electric, Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we offer emergency service any time. We are here for you and your family when you need it most! Don’t hesitate, call us at 509-927-9277 to schedule an appointment today!


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