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    Panels & Circuit Breakers



    Live in Spokane or Northern Idaho? Constantly Resetting Your Breaker? Mainstream Has the Answer!

    Breakers trip, that’s their job as a safety feature. Any time that a circuit starts to pull too much power or endangers the devices on that circuit, the breaker box will trip. This protects your home from overloaded circuits and electrical shorts on the line.

    Sometimes you’ll notice that a specific breaker continues to trip regardless of what’s actually on the line. Pay attention to this and don’t just keep resetting the breaker. A recurring trip signifies that something is wrong. It may be as simple as too many high-load devices on the line or it could be a much larger problem.

    What Causes a Breaker to Trip?

    • Circuit Overload
    • Short Circuit
    • Ground Fault
    • Aging Breaker

    Circuit breakers protect the entire circuit by breaking connection at the first sign of trouble. By design they’re the weakest point on an electrical circuit so that they’ll fail before anything else does. As soon as the amperage demand of a circuit exceeds the breaker, it trips to an open position and shuts down the entire circuit. This is a vast improvement over the outdated electrical fuse box, which required a replacement each time something failed. In fact, if you’d like to retrofit your existing system from an older fuse box system to a modern circuit breaker, Mainstream Electric, Heating, Cooling & Plumbing would be glad to help out.

    When a breaker continually trips, the first thing you should do is decrease the number of high-load devices on that circuit. If you can, place appliances on different circuits. Move any space heaters or microwaves to separate circuits and see if that resolves the issue. If changing appliances out doesn’t help, get a professional to inspect the circuit to find the source of the issue.

    Upgrading Your System

    Sometimes a breaker trips because the breaker is too low to match demand. While this can be due to an aging breaker (which should be replaced as soon as possible), it may also be the wrong breaker for the circuit. You should never just upgrade to a higher amperage breaker before inspecting the wiring in your house.

    Breakers don’t just protect your appliances, they protect the wiring from heavy loads which can lead to electrical fires. Have an electrician test and inspect your wiring before upgrading your circuit breaker to meet the new demand.

    Mainstream is a full service electrical company with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’ll return to fix any issues you had with your service if at all possible. Our techs are kept up-to-date on electrical code revisions, new technologies, and modern techniques to ensure the highest quality of installations and repairs. When you schedule an appointment with Mainstream Electric, Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, you’re getting help from a team of experts.
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