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    Lighting & Rewiring



    Offering Repair and Installation for Lighting, Home & Office Wiring, Outlets, and Switches

    The electrical systems for your building, home or office, are interconnected so that they all work together. When you run into issues with one thing, make sure your electrician can handle the task by getting a full service technician. Mainstream Electric, Heating, Cooling & Plumbing hires licensed and certified techs who can handle any part of your electrical system. When you need a light fixture installed, they can handle the full installation from switch to fixture.

    Our Techs Are Trained For:

    • Lighted Ceiling Fans
    • Pendants and Recessed Downlights
    • Vanity, Sconce, and Wall Lights
    • Switches, Dimmers, and Remote Controls
    • Rewiring and New Circuit Installation
    • Outlets and Electric Sockets

    Adding a new light fixture to your home isn’t always as simple just installing the fixture. Sometimes you need to update the wiring to account for the added load. Mainstream has electricians who can expertly perform the necessary rewiring – and also install new switches or upgrade your home with smart systems for remote control of outlets, light fixtures, and other electronic devices.

    We can install a full range of light sources and types, indoors or outdoors. If you want to retrofit your existing lights for energy-efficient LEDs or CFLs, we have the training to advise you on the best fixtures and can install those fixtures for you. If you’re redesigning a room or installing an addition to your home we’re ready to help run the necessary cables and wires to any lights or electrical outlets, keeping your home beautiful and modern. We can also install or replace electrical ballasts which are used for fluorescents and some forms of LED lighting.

    For older homes, we can update the wiring to handle higher loads from new appliances. Replacing old or faulty wiring, switches, and outlets is important for home safety. If you regularly suffer from flickering lights, have an outlet that no longer works, or have unusual smells coming from the walls, then it’s best to have an expert electrician give your home a look.

    Call to schedule an expert electrician from Mainstream Electric, Heating, Cooling & Plumbing at 509-927-9277.


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