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Halloween Electrical Safety

on October 28, 2016

halloweenDecorations, tricks, and traps are already on our streets. Halloween is upon us once again this year.  Frights and thrills are the selection for the season, but there’s no reason to risk actual life and limb for a simple thrill.  Remember to stay safe when you’re setting up and while scaring passersby.

Fire Safety

Costumes should be fire retardant or non-flammable.  When that’s not possible, be sure to use natural fibers, as synthetics melt and cling to skin when heated while natural fibers burn and fall away.

Any decorations should be heat resistant and non-flammable, especially when used near incandescent bulbs, electrical wiring, or any kind of actual flame such as a candle.

Be sure that your smoke alarms are active and working.  If a fire starts, you need to respond quickly.  If there are flames in an area
that does not have an alarm, station someone to monitor the room in case of fire.  A rapid response is always the best
response to a fire emergency.

Electrical Safety

Halloween decorations are involving wires and electricity
more and more.  Smoke and fog machines, various lights, projectors, and even motorized decorations are everywhere.  If you’re using electricity of any kind, take extra precautions during setup and use.

We recommend using low-voltage wiring for all applications if at all possible.  Low-voltage wiring is less dangerous if it’s accidentally severed or the conductors are exposed.  It’s also less likely to generate the heat necessary to cause fires.

Inspect all decorations and cables for electrical
.  If you find a faulty switch, loose plugs, or frayed wiring, don’t use it. There’s never a good reason to risk your family and house for a simple decoration.  Replace it rather than risk
electrical shocks or fires.

Don’t overload your circuit breakers.  If your circuit keeps tripping, remove some of the load from your display or transfer it to a different circuit.  Higher loads generate a lot of heat which can
cause an electrical fire.  If at all possible, use a plug or outlet that is equipped with a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).  This will protect both you and your equipment.

Be sure to keep cables clear of walking paths and stairs.  Any cables that have to run across a walkway should be properly taped down to prevent being a tripping hazard.  You don’t want to have to cut the fun short because of trip-wire related injury.

Lighting Safety

Part of the fun of Halloween is scaring and being scared.  Darkness is a great way to generate a spooky atmosphere, but don’t sacrifice safety and well-being just for added frights (you might end up with real rather than fun scares).  Light pathways well enough to walk (even haunted houses have sufficient lighting to see where you’re walking).  Keep any obstacles, steps, or possible path-hazards well lit.  Again, outdoor and landscape lights are best served with low-voltage systems for added safety.  Wherever possible, use LED
candles and lights in place of actual flames.

Stay safe, and have a happy Halloween from your
friends at Mainstream Electric!

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