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    Do I Need an Electrical Safety Inspection?


  • Do I Need an Electrical Safety Inspection?

    January 19, 2018

    Electrical safety inspections are an annual checkup every homeowner should have. Electricians come to observe and identify any potential issues within your home’s electrical system, and measure its performance to ensure it’s working at peak capacity. Electrical safety inspections should be treated like a doctor’s appointment – they should be scheduled once a year. Annual electrical inspections help reduce safety risks and malfunctions, and prolong the life of your system. However, requiring an electrical safety inspection may come sooner than you think. Problems can arise at any time, and should be acted on immediately to avoid disaster.

    A failing electrical system can have power surges, short circuits, and electrical overloads, all of which can lead to costly repairs and serious injury. Never stray from an inspection, especially when you need it most. How do you know when to get an electrical inspection? Well, the experts at Mainstream are here to help you out! Although they should be done annually, inspections may be needed sooner than you think!

    Breakers Tripping Frequently

    • Circuit breakers act as the “brain” of your home’s electrical system, and their function also comes with a safety measure known as tripping.
    • Tripping is when a circuit breaker shuts off power when electrical overloads or short circuits are detected via heat.
    • When a circuit breaker trips frequently, that means your electrical system is constantly experiencing dangerous levels of electricity, and should be inspected immediately.

    Constant Buzzing Sound

    • Outlets and switches never should make a sound, and hearing a buzzing noise from their direction is never a good sign.
    • Hearing a buzzing sound from your outlet or switch can mean a variety of issues such as bad wiring, faulty installation, or loose connections.
    • If your outlet or switching is making any buzzing sound, do NOT plug anything in, and call an electrical professional immediately.

    Shocking or Burnt Outlets

    • In the case of a faulty electrical system, your outlet may do more than make a buzzing sound.
    • Poor systems can make outlets shock you at the touch, as well as burning its plastic covering.
    • Being shocked by an outlet should be enough incentive to call an electrician, and frequent shocks are a massive safety risk.
    • With sparks burning the plastic case, do not hesitate to act if you are noticing burnt plastic or odors located at your outlet.

    Flickering Lights

    • An improper electrical system provides inadequate electricity to installed fixtures, and you can identify this by seeing your lights flicker.
    • Flickering lights can mean bad wiring, faulty installation, or even improper energy distribution, all of which require the help of a professional.

    Over a Year Since the Last One

    • Never forget the last time you got an electrical safety inspection.
    • If you have not serviced your electrical system for over a year, then an inspection is required immediately.
    • Being hesitant is expensive, as persistent issues can cost excessive amounts in the long-run.
    • Schedule an electrical safety inspection once a year, and remove the stress that comes with electricity.

    Always act quickly when you see signs of electrical failure. If you are ready to schedule your next electrical safety inspection, contact Mainstream today! We are dedicated to keeping North Idaho homeowners up-to-date with their electrical systems, and our electrical safety inspections guarantee your system runs safely and effectively. Give us a call at 509-927-9277 to schedule an appointment and meet your trusted professionals.


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