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    Mainstream is the Go-To Company for All Commercial Electrical Services

    Your office’s electrical system is the lifeblood of everything inside. From environmental control to safety features and network cabling, the wiring in your walls gives you access to comfort, entertainment, and working appliances. This is why you should always seek out a professional electrician when something is wrong.

    Electricity can be dangerous when dealt with improperly, so trust the fully licensed and trained technicians of Mainstream Electric, Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing. Our technicians work on all things electrical for both commercial and residential buildings. We have the tools and knowledge you need for anything, including:

    • Troubleshooting and Repair
    • Generators
    • Panels & Circuit Breakers
    • GFCI & AFCI Protection
    • Lighting & Rewiring
    • Surge Protection
    • Smoke Detectors
    • Lighting & Rewiring
    • Code Inspections
    • Dedicated Circuits
    • Phone & Data Cable Installation
    • Electrical Ballasts

    Mainstream’s Residential and Commercial Services

    Whether you need new wiring to power an appliance on a dedicated circuit, or simply need someone to replace an outlet that’s stopped working, we’re there for you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner, electricity runs your building.

    We work on any system that involves electricity such as lighting, emergency backup generators and surge protectors, communication and networking cable runs, and general electrical wiring. There’s no difference between small or large scale jobs when it comes to quality, and we take both very seriously.

    Quality of Service

    We believe that the best way to grow our company is through customer referral. We thrive on the respect our customers have for us and our quality of work. This is why we back all of our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If there’s a problem with any of the work we’ve performed, we’ll return to fix it, free of charge.

    We want you to call us back the next time an issue arises and to have the confidence to refer us to your partner companies, not just because we want to help, but because you know we can. Our technicians work quickly and aim to deliver professional electrical service straight to your door.

    Mainstream Electric, Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing dispatches to locations across The Greater Spokane region and North Idaho.

    Call to schedule your quality commercial electrical service today at 866-411-9277.


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