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    Call Center Manager


  • Looking for Call Center Manager Careers?

    We’re looking for an exceptional call center manager to help us achieve profitable revenue.

    As a call center manager, you will work as part of a dynamic and passionate team to ensure desired business growth. You will manage staff that books and schedules service calls and do whatever is necessary to achieve department booked call and sales goals.


    • Generate an inbound and outbound call schedule to boost sales.
    • Supervise and train staff on how to convert calls into booked service appointments.
    • Manage dispatch to ensure the right technicians are matched to every job.
    • Author and refine call scripts so they’re clear, compelling and result in more appointments.
    • Get potential customers excited about ABC Company and encourage them to spread the word.
    • Conduct training to boost booked calls and ensure quick, accurate dispatch of incoming calls.
    • Become an expert of your market, know the customer needs and how best to engage them.
    • Monitor performance of staff, review recorded calls and advise them on how to promote sales.
    • Adhere to the company’s plan for resolving customer complaints quickly and favorably.
    • Formalize a coaching and training platform that’s cost effective and measurable.
    • Show employees how their individual contributions matter to the company’s success.
    • Coach employees on how to build trust and demonstrate empathy with customers.
    • Regularly present reports to senior leaders in an easy-to-understand format.


    • Proven track record in customer service, ideally in management.
    • Minimum two years experience in telephone sales or dispatch.
    • Patient, diplomatic leader who understands how to diffuse conflict and convey empathy.
    • Ability to inspire and lead others to attain company goals.
    • IT competent, previous experience with Microsoft Office and the latest software applications.
    • Highly organized with exceptional follow-through abilities.
    • Ensure sufficient staffing to match the business demand and seasonal spikes.
    • Strong verbal and written communications.
    • Good presentation and public speaking skills is a plus.
    • Passionate about ABC Company and loves the brand.
    • Bachelor degree or equivalent is a plus.
    • Outgoing personality that blends well with a fast-paced, goal-driven environment.
    • Highly motivated, flexible and great attitude on life.


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