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Fall Plumbing Maintenance Tips

on October 20, 2017

Nobody wants to deal with expensive plumbing disasters during the fall and winter months. Broken and damaged pipes can cause problems for your home and you may have to go without warm water because of it. Don’t let your plumbing cause you holiday strife! Use these plumbing maintenance tips from Mainstream to prepare your pipes for the fall and winter months!

Unhook and Drain All Outdoor Hoses

Nothing wreaks havoc on plumbing quite as quickly as a frozen hose and faucet. In the event of a hard frost or a sudden drop in temperature, outdoor hoses can freeze. If this happens, the water within them expands and backs up into your internal plumbing, which can cause the pipes running through your walls and floors to expand and explode.

With this in mind, disconnect and drain all of your outdoor hoses well before the temperatures begin to dip.

Give Your Sewer Line Some TLC

Sewer problems can cost thousands of dollars to repair. Because of this, it’s important to maintain your sewer line as well as possible. This fall, hire a professional from Mainstream to clean and snake your sewer line.

While this helps keep your sewer line functioning properly, it also prevents roots from encroaching and damaging your underground lines.

Insulate Your Vulnerable Pipes to Protect Them from Cold Weather

Broken pipes can quickly flood your home, garage, or outdoor spaces, so it’s critical to protect them from the cold with quality insulation. This fall, schedule one of our technicians to come out and evaluate your pipes and insulate any that need some added protection from the cold. While this is a simple job, it can work wonders to protect your plumbing from the ravages of the cooler temperatures.

Inspect Your Hot Water Heater

There’s never a good time to experience a leak in your water heater, but being proactive could save you thousands of dollars in damages/repair costs if the tank springs a leak unexpectedly. Have us come out and inspect your water heater. We will be able to check for rust spots (an indication that the tank may be wearing down), water connections, proper venting and draining.

Maintain Your Garbage Disposal

Fall brings with it family-filled holidays, which may put a strain on your garbage disposal.  The last thing you want to deal with on Thanksgiving morning is a stopped-up kitchen sink due to a poorly functioning garbage disposal. Have a professional inspect yours. They may be able to suggest any necessary upgrades to its infrastructure before you encounter a problem.

Professional Fall Plumbing Maintenance

It’s critical to have a plumbing system you can rely on in the winter, and Mainstream is here to perform the maintenance you need to keep your system in great working order. With a reliable team you can trust, we’re here to help you protect and preserve your home.

Mainstream Electric, Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing is proud to offer same-day service to customers across the Greater Spokane region and Northern Idaho. Simply give us a call before 10 AM and we’ll dispatch our next available technician to your home. Call 866-411-9277 to schedule your appointment! Our staff members are standing by to assist you in a friendly and professional manner.

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