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Get the Best in Current and Voltage Regulating Ballasts for Lighting and Sensitive Equipment

Most energy-efficient lamps (fluorescent bays, LED fixtures, and HID lamps) require some kind of ballast to operate. Ballasts regulate current and voltage on a circuit to supply a device (usually a lamp or light bulb) with power. Many lamps use specialized ballasts for specific needs. Installing the wrong ballast will shorten the lifespan of the lamp or can damage equipment, including the ballast, over time.

Our technicians know the difference. We can diagnose a ballast problem offer you a solution quickly. Any ballast we provide is designed to improve the lifespan of the bulbs in your fixture and reduce energy consumption over all. The gains may seem small on a day-to-day basis, but saving energy per lamp, per day can add up to substantial savings.

So whether you need a backup-battery ballast for emergency lighting, or simple need to replace the electrical ballast in your office fluorescents, Mainstream can be there, on the same day, with a fully prepared electrician to solve your problem.

Call Mainstream Electric, Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing at 866-411-9277 and take advantage of our 100% satisfaction guaranteed service!